Why We’re Here

This project was born from the constant divide of humanity. Through politics, social issues, even within our general interests, we consider ourselves to be very different from each other, but in reality, we are all pawns in the same game called life. While uniqueness is a beautiful part of who we are, Everyday People was created to showcase just how similar we can be. From occupations, hobbies, lifestyles, and major events we as humans have so much more that can bring us together compared to that which tears us apart.

Here you will read about people who have a job similar to yours, enjoy activities as you may or have gone through hard and trying times as you may have. By the same token, you may read the stories of people that have gone through things you may have never experienced allowing you to learn about regular people and their experiences. We hope to inspire a discussion to bring back the central idea that we are all humans with different lives but many similar aspects to it and perhaps even motivate dreamers to do what others have shown to be successful.

If you want to share your story, please contact us!